Gym Leader’s Challenge is BACK!

Future Pokémon masters! Are you ready to take on the Gym Leader’s Challenge?(=^w^=) It’s back for a second year, this time being hosted in the Video Game Room!

Itching to get some training in? Then mark your calendar for Saturday, September 27, and visit us at Discover Teas in Newport News to battle fellow trainers and even a few gym gym leaders!

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There are only NINE slots open for online Masquerade Registration! Make sure to get your entry in today, because there’s only five slots open at con!

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Guest Announcement: Jason Charles Miller


We are very excited to announce that Jason C. Miller will be attending NekoCon 17! His credits include Guy (Street Fighter series), Jin (Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit), and Robert Kendo (Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles).

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Dance Announcement: DJ Arcade




Kicking off Saturday night’s dance is our brand new event, DJ ARCADE! Each of these three DJs will get 30 minutes to incorporate a popular video game theme into their entire set. The game theme will be assigned a month prior to the event so that they have time to create an awesome set!

Make sure to dance your way over to the Saturday Night DJ section to learn all about these wonderful DJs, preview their music, and even get a sneak peak at who else is joining them on Saturday evening!

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Featured Panelist Announcement: Lord Ramirez

Lord Ramirez

Please join us in welcoming back featured panelist, Lord Ramirez! He has been presenting panels at various sci-fi and anime conventions over the last ten years, with some of his topics including costuming, make-up, steampunk, and Japanese culture. We are very excited to have him returning this year!

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Masquerade Registration is OPEN

Registration is now open for the Masquerade for both skits and walk-ons! Visit the Cosplay section for more information and register here!

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Guest Announcement: SAYAKA!


Traveling all the way from Japan, we are very excited to announce that Sayaka Sasaki will be performing for us on Saturday evening! Check out her page to learn all about her and to preview some of her music! (=^w^=)

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Guest Announcement: Lauren Landa!

Lauren LandaPlease give a warm welcome to our newest guest, voice actor Lauren Landa! Her credits include Kasumi (Dead or Alive 5), Litchi Faye Ling (BlazBlue series), Annie Leonhardt (Attack on Titan), and so much more!

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Japanese Fashion Walk – Casting Call!

Our Lolita and Indie Brand Japanese Fashion Walk is currently accepting models of every J-fashion type and Indie J-fashion designers! J-fashions include Lolita, Gyaru, Decora, Fairy Kei, and Visual or Oshare Kei. Visit our the Japanese Fashion Walk page for more information!

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Cosplay Guest Announcement – Jez Roth

Jez RothWe are very happy to have Jez Roth joining us this year as a cosplay guest! (=^ w ^=) Learn more about his work by visiting our cosplay guest page!

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